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Spring Lake athletics

Home of the Lakers


Spring Lake athletics

Home of the Lakers

Spring Lake athletics

Home of the Lakers

Boosters Home.

Spring Lake Athletic Boosters exists to support, promote and encourage the Spring Lake athletic teams and athletes as they pursue excellence.  Our primary source of income is through the management of concession sales.  Thanks to community support, athlete and parent involvement, monies raised by the Spring Lake Athletic Boosters are returned to the Spring Lake student athletes primarily through coaches wish lists, as determined by the membership, and lodging/meal support for those athletes/teams that qualify for state competition. 

Join us in supporting the Spring Lake Athletic Department and athletes.  You can support the Spring Lake Athletic Boosters by:

  • frequenting the concession stands
    • we've got great stuff!
    • everyone can do this
    • every item purchased puts a small amount more in the Boosters' budget
  • helping to staff the concession stands
    • team representatives call upon parents/guardians to staff the concession stand
    • we are asking for just a few hours of your time
    • it is fun, and we couldn't do it without you!
    • your participation ultimately benefits your student athlete
  • serving as a team representative
    • organize team parents/guardians and schedule staffing of the concession stand
    • serve as liaison between the coach and the Boosters
    • attend Booster meetings and have a vote in how funds are spent
  • donating funds
    • adverse weather can have a profoundly negative effect on concession sales, which can significantly impact the Boosters' budget
    • monetary donations are always welcome and very much appreciated

Volunteers and donors, we can't thank you enough for your support.  GO LAKERS!!


Members of the 2022-2023 Governing Board:

President – Michelle Wahlberg

Vice President – Nancy Bush

Treasurer – Janice Judge

Secretary/Social Media – Marissa Tosterud

Athletic Director – JT  Hogan

Food Coordinator - Megan Braidwood

Beverage Coordinator - Nancy Bush